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August 2015 Archives

An overview of conservatorship in Texas -- Part IV

For some child custody cases, Texas courts find it necessary to award custody of the minor child to only one of the biological parents to serve the best interests of the minor child. Awarding sole managing conservatorship -- or custody -- however, is usually a rare case and brought about because attorneys provided enough evidence of various mitigating factors to make it necessary for the court to give custody to only one of the parents. The court ultimately determined the child might be in danger if a joint child custody arrangement was awarded.

An overview of conservatorship in Texas -- Part III

Most Texas couples divorcing today usually opt for establishing a joint managing conservatorship, or child custody. It is now popularly accepted by many people across the country that parents sharing joint custody of their children can promote the children's overall wellbeing because it helps keep intact the parental unit even after the spouses have divorced.

An overview of conservatorship in the state of Texas -- Part II

There are many laws that govern child custody decisions in the U.S. Texas laws refer to child custody issues as conservatorship. There are various forms of conservatorship arrangements under the laws that are available to all couples who plan on seeking the best arrangement for their children.

An overview of conservatorship in the state of Texas -- Part I

Child custody issues can be one of the most contentious issues under the family law umbrella in Texas. Child custody issues not only involve divorcing couples, but also apply to unmarried couples who have had a child. A Texas family court judge will typically look all the evidence and arguments brought forth by the respective attorneys of the couple in order to understand the child custody arrangement that will serve the "best interests of the child" in question. The parent that is given custody over the child will be named the child's conservator under Texas law.

Resolve child support issues in the child's best interest

Child support complaints are usually filed by the custodial parent when the person accuses the non-custodial parent of intentionally and wrongfully defaulting on their child support payments. On the other hand, some non-custodial parents might also choose to consult family law attorneys in order to initiate a child support payment complaint if the custodial parent has obtained a child support payment which is excessive and malicious. Such an action may also be necessary if the child support order does not take into account the various financial debts and obligations or the financial standing of the non-custodial parent.

Understanding paternity fraud -- -- Part IV

Many legal cases of paternity fraud are revealed when a Texas father finds out at a later date that the child he has believed to be his for a long time is not related to him. In such cases, the father may consult an experienced lawyer in order to help him initiate a paternity fraud lawsuit against the mother.

Understanding paternity fraud -- Part III

Paternity fraud can be heartbreaking for a man who has believed for a long time that a child he raised as his biological offspring is not. Because of this belief, this man made sacrifices to raise the child. The emotional pain and suffering that is obviously caused by this revelation should be addressed.

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