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January 2016 Archives

Important points to remember for a non-custodial parent in Texas

Child support in Texas can be a difficult situation to deal with for the non-custodial parent. This is especially true if there are financial considerations or other issues that come up amidst a series of disagreements with the custodial parent. With that in mind, the Office of the Attorney General in Texas has provided information and advice for the non-custodial parent when it comes to child support. Understanding and following the guidelines can avoid rancor and legal trouble for a number of situations.

Grandparents' rights under Texas law for possession or access

There are situations in Texas in which a dispute arises as to whether a child should live with a parent or a grandparent. When it comes to custody of, or access to, a grandchild, Texas courts can award either to the grandparent if the required conditions are met. Grandparents and parents who are embroiled in a disagreement regarding the grandparents' rights need to understand this law.

Texas child at center of custody dispute found in Virginia

Child custody can take on many shapes and forms in Texas and across the country. Sometimes, cases involve circumstances beyond just a mother and father engaged in a dispute over custody. There are instances in which other family members are involved in the custody proceeding. In some cases, the family law issues will extend to a person with custody or joint custody absconding with the child leading to the possibility of criminal issues arising. Any situation with family law concerns requires legal assistance to handle the situation.

Child support enforcement and withholding of arrearages in Texas

In Texas, parents who share a child but are no longer together as a couple will likely have a child support agreement. In general, that will mean one parent will have custody while the other makes payments to assist with the child's everyday care and expenses. But, there are certain situations in which the parent who was ordered to pay fails to do so. This is when the law will step in and move forward with various child support enforcement tactics.

What are the methods Texas uses for child support enforcement?

When parents in Texas share a child but are not together as a couple, often one parent will have custody with the other parent having to pay child support. However, it is a common issue that the supporting parent does not pay what is owed on time and in full. If the payments are not made, the supporting parent will be subjected to various enforcement tactics on the part of the State. Both the custodial parent and the supporting parent need to be cognizant of how child support enforcement goes about getting the payments or assesses penalties for nonpayment.

Matthew Knowles ordered to pay child support to mother of child

Child support enforcement in Texas does not discriminate on who it pursues. Whether formerly married or in a long-term relationship with the other parent or not, the payments must be made. It does not matter if the parent is wealthy, famous, prominent or had the child as part of an extramarital affair - the payments are required. If the child support obligor does not make the payments in full and on-time, the custodial parent can pursue the other parent to receive the proper payments through the justice system.

Factors that will determine how much child support is paid in TX

Disputes regarding a number of family law issues are not uncommon amongst people in Texas. One in particular that often arises is child support. A large number of parents may not aware of how the state determines how much child support will be paid and what factors are taken into consideration. There are certain basic guidelines that the state uses to make the determination.

What is UIFSA and how does it assist in collecting child support?

Parents in the Dallas area are obligated to adhere to the child support agreement if they are no longer together but share a child or children. Unfortunately, there are situations in which the supporting parent is found to have violated the support agreement and is being pursued for delinquent payments. A problem that can arise is if the parents do not reside in the same state or there is no child support agreement. In both instances, it is possible that the state intervene or use the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act (UIFSA) to make sure the payments are made.

Enforcing a child custody order with a warrant in Texas

A child custody dispute in Texas can take on many forms and, in some cases, can become contentious and difficult with the need for the courts and law enforcement to step in. It can be complicated and traumatic if it is necessary to use state law in enforcing a child custody order, but it is often unavoidable. Those who are in the midst of a disagreement over child custody need to understand the law when it comes to getting a warrant for custody of the child.

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