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Kelly Clarkson’s divorce includes vaccine stipulation for the kids

On Behalf of | Apr 25, 2022 | Divorce, High-asset Divorce |

We previously discussed Kelly Clarkson’s divorce on this blog, focusing on the prenuptial agreement signed by her husband, Brandon Blackstock. Blackstock grew up in Fort Worth and currently resides full-time at a ranch in Montana. The divorce has also involved a dispute of charges by Blackstock’s company, which “managed” Clarkson as an “artist” and “performer”. There was also an issue over who would have primary custody of the parties’ children since Clarkson lived and worked in California, but the singer/ entertainer won that decision in court.

The couple’s disagreements over dividing property, custody and business matters are typical of high net worth divorces. Still, the pandemic has added a new twist: there is a stipulation that the couple’s two young children must get vaccinated if their pediatrician recommends it.

Some judges favor vaccination

It is always risky to presume what a judge thinks and how they will rule, but they generally favor vaccine requirements if the couple actively coparents. This hot-button issue has led parents to litigate over whether an unvaccinated parent should be allowed visitation if there is a higher risk of contracting the disease or refuse to vaccinate eligible children. While New York City is not similar to Plano or greater Texas, a New York County Supreme Court ruled in favor of the parent wanting vaccines for eligible children and the coparents, seeing it as another way to better ensure the health and well-being of the children.

The Blackstock and Clarkson agreement

The stipulation was partly due to the children traveling between the parents’ homes in different states. Clarkson agreed to an additional $50,000 to pay for the children to travel by private plane until they are vaccinated. While some have already gone through litigation on the issue, Blackstock and Clarkson worked out a straightforward agreement while addressing other issues surrounding the divorce.

New divorces may have similar language

While everyone would like to put the pandemic behind them, the scientists believe the Covid infection rates will have more peaks and valleys before it subsides. Divorcing coparents with diverging thoughts on vaccinations can try to work it out among themselves, but it may be best to follow Blackstock and Clarkson’s lead and have it as part of the divorce agreement. An experienced, Board-Certified Texas Family Law expert attorney can help protect the parent and children’s best interest on vaccination and other topics in dispute.