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September 2015 Archives

What is the law and criteria for spousal support in Texas?

A common dispute in a Texas divorce has to do with spousal support, how it is determined and what must be done to change it. It is one of the most frequently arising divorce legal issues. Those who are concerned about it and are seeking to understand and perhaps change it before, during or after a divorce is completed need to first understand exactly what the state law says about these issues.

Texas AG Office Holds Child Support Payments From Parents

When a person in Texas receives a ruling on how much child support the person is supposed to pay or receive after a relationship has ended, there may be a belief that there shouldn't be any problems moving forward. One of the most frequent family law issues that ends up in dispute has to do with child support, so when the issue is supposedly settled, the last thing that a parent expects is for the payments to not be paid. That, however, does happen and it's important for these parents to understand what to do to get the payments that are owed to them.

What is the law for stepparent adoption in Texas?

One of the most difficult situations to navigate in Texas family law has to do with children. Adoption of a child can be contentious and there is great foundation for dispute. There are certain state laws in place to protect children and parents as well as to make certain that the person trying to complete the adoption has the right to do so. Before moving forward with a petition of adoption, it is imperative to understand the law.

Considering various factors before initiating a Texas divorce

People in Texas get married for many reasons and the same is true when they divorce. Although divorce no longer has the stigma it once did, that does not mean that people should just decide to move forward with the end of a marriage without seriously thinking it though. Considering important factors before taking that final step can help those whose marriage has grown into an endless dispute avoid making a rash choice based on emotions.

Pursuing grandparents' rights with help from an attorney

It's not uncommon in Texas for there to be a child custody disagreement between parents. In some instances, however, that disagreement extends to others such as grandparents. This can occur for a variety of reasons. Perhaps the parents were not able to care for the child, had legal problems, personal problems or were simply absent from the child's life. It is wise to follow the law when trying to receive custody or visitation rights to see a child in all circumstances, whether the parents are the ones who are pursuing it or it is another relative or potential guardian.

Crackdown on delinquent payments yields numerous arrests

Parents in Dallas, and throughout the state of Texas, are required to care for their children. If they have a child with a person they are no longer involved with whether they're divorced or were simply in a previous relationship, they still have to adhere to the support agreement and make the monthly payments they're supposed to make. If they do not, then they are running the risk of facing charges for delinquent payments for not paying child support.

Celebrity Morena Baccarin in child custody, alimony battle

If there is one thing that can be learned from celebrity divorces it is that regardless of how much wealth and fame a couple may have, they are still subject to the same divorce issues as any other couple. Property division, child custody, child custody and alimony often must be arranged and like with millions of other divorces, it can get messy.

A look at divorce and credit

Child custody, property division and spousal support are among the major issues that often arise in divorce cases. However, many Texas residents may not be aware of the many smaller details that make up these major divorce issues. These smaller details, while less obvious, can prove to be immensely important when paving the way for a smooth and fair divorce proceeding. Divorce attorneys are available to help clarify these smaller issues.

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