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February 2016 Archives

Former pro football player pursued for delinquent payments

Texas child support enforcement does not discriminate on whom it pursues. Regardless of who it is, how prominent they might be and how much money they earn, the payments are required to be made in full and on time. A failure to do so can lead to legal problems that will not go away until the payments are up to date. Those who do not follow the requirements for child support will be confronted with a litany of penalties.

Signals that the end of a marriage is on the horizon

Texas couples who are having disagreements in their marriage might not be able to differentiate between what is a minor dispute and what is a sign that the marriage is in trouble. There are signs that separate a moderate and common argument in a marriage and what could foretell the end of a marriage. Long-term studies have examined what could be signs that there are problems in the marriage. These were used to determine what the most negative signs were in a marriage.

What part do employers play in Texas child support?

An often forgotten part of child support in Texas is what role employers will play in the process. With the vast number of children who are being raised by a single parent, the support agreement and child support enforcement will often come up as a problem. For example, a supporting parent is required to provide health care for the child. If the payments are not being made, a method to get those payments is to deduct the money directly from the paychecks that the supporting parent receives.

Important issues that can arise during a Dallas divorce

Couples in Dallas who choose to get a divorce will have a great deal to consider as the process moves forward. Spouses who do not focus on common divorce legal issues might find themselves experiencing long-term consequences due to their failure to pay attention to these issues.

Woman who kidnapped children in child custody dispute arrested

Parents throughout Texas who are no longer together and are in the midst of a child custody dispute need to understand that the well-being of the children must come to the forefront. With a disagreement as to living arrangements, when the children will spend time with each parent, which parent will be granted custody and numerous other issues, there might be the temptation on the part of one of the parents to take matters into his or her own hands and take the children elsewhere. This can lead to criminal charges and long-term problems.

Unemployment and inability to pay child support in Texas

For Dallas parents who are paying child support, there are times when the custodial parent might accuse that parent of violating the child support agreement and racking up delinquent payments. In some cases, this might be due to a parent deciding to avoid making the required payments. In other cases, however, the obligor parent has a legitimate reason for the failure to pay. One of these reasons might be job loss. When a child support obligor experiences a change in income, that parent can take steps to account for it.

Legal help enforcing a child custody order in Texas

Few issues are as emotionally difficult for parents in Dallas as a child custody battle. When there is an agreement hammered out, the best case scenario is that both parents will adhere to it, allow visitation rights and promote the other parent to have a relationship with the children. However, the "best case scenario" is referred to as such for a reason. In many instances, there are endless disputes that extend to allowing or not allowing the parent to see the child. This is when it might be necessary to move forward with seeking legal help in enforcing a child custody order.

High asset divorce dispute extends from Texas to Pakistan

When a Texas couple gets to the point at which they decide to divorce, there are many factors that will go into whether or not it will be a simple or complicated process. If there are issues at play such as a high asset divorce, a marriage that involves people of from other countries or property division disagreements, it is possible that the divorce legal issues will grow complicated.

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